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in a bikini. and my weight is public knowledge. so my mom said i will make some recipes for you that are low in cal. >> -- low in fat. >> you look fabulous. >> and add a tomato. >> i was telling my coanchor steve sanders that i was not aware that there is an obesity em-- diabetes epdom nct mexican community. >> well, there is. and especially in the united states. in our culture heaviness is not frowned upon. it's not seen in mexico because where my family lives we are from a farm and everything is organic. everything is -- everything is grown from the ground. once you come to the united states mcdonnells and burger king and it's easy. so how can you blame people. i'm in a hurry. i have to be somewhere. it's cheap. and then in this economy today. but there are people don't realize there thank there are foods you can make.
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look how long it took us. it takes about ten minutes to make a dish like this. and it tastes great. so once you have the turkey browned, and you added all of your spices and the peppers -- >> whatever you want to do. >> now here is the end result and you can add -- >> dress it. >> add tomatoes and avocados which i lover and that's good fat. >> very good for you. >> and you can have some low fat cheese. you can add -- i will let you do that. add your tomato and your avocados. >> grab some of this. you remind me of a very good friend of mine. maglana martinez who works at wgn and she is mexican heritage. and she is probably the healthiest person i know. >> there you go. >> and even her family and i think her mom is still near chicago visiting. they say, maggie, eat something. but my girl is healthy. she is like what do you mean did i exercise today? she is a yoga instructor. >> you have to make sure that it's part of your daily habit.
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>> and it was maggie who taught me that if you are trying to get your weight under control, diet is 80% of the battle. if you are worried about i didn't work out. what did you eat today? >> what people don't realize how important it is for to be mentally fit. so many people in the united states like suffer from anxiety, depression and myself that's part of my book what i suffered as a kid was anxiety disorder and how i noticed that what i eat really affects how i'm going to feel that day. >> for you, what are key good mood foods for you? >> well, i have -- i have trigger foods that i must stay away from number one is sugar. but i also believe that everything in moderation. there are times like after a weigh in i have to celebrate with a coca-cola or my chocolate cake. the must-have. >> coke and chocolate cake.
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>> but in moderation. once in awhile just a little. but the foods i try to mainly stick with are my proteins. i like to get my carbs from like green vegetables. and stay away from the flour and all of the breads and pasta and things like that. i definitely have to have protein every single day. lean protein. >> what is excellent chef guest today. mia is going to sign copies of her book tomorrow from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. and on sunday from 11:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. at the hollywood collector show at the sultan hotel in rosemont. the hilton rosemont that's near the river road in rosemont. so do your salve favor. show up and get this knock out book for more information on recipe today and a link to mia's foundation. just check out our website, tell me one of those knockouts.
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ers to today is dogs and politics day. which president had dogs named him and her? harry truman? dwight eisenhower or lynden johnson. answer is lynden johnson. i had a gut feeling. johnson. >> there was a controversy at lbj rampleg when he picked up the dog by the scruff of his next? >> which is fine? >> i don't know. some didn't think it was cool. >> we have temperatures -- i have a dog. we have temperatures riding. strong southwesterly winds. we've got rain expected to develop across the area tonight and you can see it up to our north and out to our west. associated with an advancing cold front. there is the pollen count and notice that mold is high. everything else in the moderate category. now the seven-day forecast. today through the roof. temperatures rising into the upper 80s or even low 90s across the area.
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we make it to 91 we will have tied a record. tomorrow we fall back. take a look at the weekend. 68 degrees for both saturday and sunday. then a recovery by the end of the seven day period. that sounds good. i can't wait to get out of here and enjoy that heat. thank you. and thank you everyone for joining us. >> have a great afternoon. we were back at 5:00 and 9:00. leave you with more from the debutantes. they are performing at the elbow room in chicago. have a great day.
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